Costume or Couture?

With Halloween upon us, it’s harder than ever to distinguish between what is intended as costume and what is really just haute couture. For example, if you see me wearing that pale blue, floor-length coat at pre-school pickup? Nope, not Cookie Monster, just my newest Shopbop purchase, thankyouverymuch.  Below are some more v. haute items that if you happen to own, could easily double as your costume tonight. (Or, perhaps more importantly,  if you see someone wearing any of these items tomorrow, don’t just assume they’re doing the Halloween walk of shame. They are not, my friends. They are just way more stylish than you or I. )



Rainbow    //   Pale Blue   //   Floral

That colorful fur coat at left bears a striking resemblance to the Rainbow Unicorn costume available at Target and popular among the under 5 set this year. This one doesn’t come with a headpiece, but you can make that at home, and probably will need to anyway, since the coat alone will set you back $700.


Witch Dress //  Tulle Sweatshirt  //  Jail Break PJ’s

What about that wrapped tulle sweatshirt in the middle? Add some household nick knacks and it would make the perfect “cyclone” or leave as is and you are cotton candy noir or Angelina Jolie’s top knot.



Desert Sandal  //   Koala Hat   //   Fur Shoes

For you geography buffs, buy that shoe on the left, simply pair with all beige and you are the Sahara Desert. Voila!

Come on ladies, it’s not too late to get creative!

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