Cheap or Chanel?


Shop my jacket HERE.

Coming from a family of casual gamblers and odds makers, we are a big fan of the over/ under bet. No occasion is too mundane to propose a little wager… What time will we arrive at our destination? How many watermelons will we buy this summer? How late will my brother be for Thanksgiving Dinner? How many pieces of pumpkin pie will my husband eat?  You get the idea … So, welcoming you into our little club, here’s my question:  I’m setting the over/under on the cost of this jacket at $50. What side are you going to take?


By now you know it’s not Chanel or else the over/under would’ve been a lot higher right out of the gate. But that said, what’s it cost for a decent Chanel look-a-like? I’d have thought more than $50 for sure, given the fringe and material alone. But not this one. Coming in at $40 and some change, it looks way more expensive than it is. Wear with your pearls and a Birkin and guarantee no one will question the authenticity! Or take the Caradise route and pair with jeans and a graphic tee for a more casual, not-fooling-anyone-yes-my-jacket- is-probably-flammable-look.

Added style tip for anyone from St. Louis: This blazer would be cute with a Cardinals tee-shirt, some distressed denim and sneakers come April. So while we’re at it: Cardinals win 84 games next season …  you taking the over or under?

Shop my jacket here. I’m in a medium.


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