No Track In Sight


The moral of this blog post is that I’m ahead of the trend curve (a wonderful quality for a blogger), but also incredibly lazy (a horrible quality no matter who you are). Because these photos were taken last Fall (October 20th to be exact) with the new track pants I’d snagged from Anthropologie. I was drawn to their side stripe, the comfy silk material and their lose (but not sloppy) fit. And apparently, I liked them so much, I waited five months to share them with you!  My apologies. In fact, I completely forgot these photos were in my camera until I saw track pants popping up everywhere for Spring.  They’re a fun alternative to jeans – plus – without a zipper or a hint of lycra in sight – they’re way more comfy. I wore mine casual with a hooded sweatshirt for these photos, but I’ve since worn them with heels, an un-tucked button down and a blazer.


My exact pants last seen here // Sweatshirt // Tee


Get the look, no matter your budget:

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