hear ye! hear ye!

Every year St. Louis hosts one of the world’s most renowned Shakespeare Festivals. Running for two weeks in June, Shakespeare Festival St. Louis performs the same play (this year Romeo & Juliet) every night under the stars in Forest Park. It is free and open to the public. I, unfortunately, am not cerebral enough for Shakespeare.  I attend the festival to take photographs with the their streamer filled trees, which are works of art in themselves (below).


Shop my dress here and same one different color scheme here.

(This dress has festival written all over it. The lightweight material is perfect for hot days and the maxi length means you can sit on a blanket without flashing your neighbor. It comes in two colors and I recommend sizing down.)


This Suit costs less than your Summer read

Yesterday at the pool I had the following exchange with my friend:

Me: “Your bathing suit is so cute. Where’d you get that?”

Her: “Cupshe.”

Me: Excuse me?

Her: Cupshe.

Me: What?

Her: Cupshe. Cupshe.

Me: I’m sorry, but you’re going to need to spell that.

Her: C-U-P-S-H-E. Like a cup, then she.

Just rolls right off your tongue, doesn’t it? But in hearing this exchange two more girls joined in, saying that they had just bought or had friends that bought swimsuits there. Apparently it’s the new spot to buy low cost, trend right swimwear. Caradise readers, having never even heard of such brand or website, I fully admit to blogger failure. I am sorry.

…. But it’s not too late. There is still summer left!

SO without further adieu, my friends suit (here) was only $25 (!!) and ships free.  I haven’t actually worn a Cupshe yet, I felt my friends suit and the material wasn’t flimsy or cheap. Some of the styles are definitely more suited to Las Vegas pool party than mom of three, but sort thru and there’s something for everyone.  Here are a few of my favorites, not a single one more than thirty bucks.

Black Scalloped   //    Colorblock    //   Rainbow     //    One Shoulder

    Floral     //   Scalloped 2 Piece    //     Yellow    //    Pink Skirted (!)

Scan 1




Memorial Day Reject


I think Caradise missed the memo that come Memorial Day, one is supposed to start wearing white. And I guess there’s some wisdom behind that old mantra because this peplum dark-hued top left me with some serious elbow sweat when worn during the afternoon heat. Soooo maybe this top is better saved for acres sun … or, better yet, since it will only set you back $10, you can use the money you have leftover to buy a more hearty deodorant. Shop my top here.



Shop the Entire Look:


Top    //   Jeans    //   Shoes //  Earrings

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Three Day Weekend Wardrobe

Three Day Weekend

Head Wrap // Sunnies //  Tank //  Earrings

Bikini  //  Tote  //  Printed Dress

Necklace  //  Jeans  // Slides

If Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, then this packing list is a must for kicking the season off right! Whether you are headed out of town or just lounging around the house, there’s a little something here for everyone.

Some things to note:

  • Those are my favorite Frame jeans and they are on sale.
  • I love those Michael Kors Collection look-alike gold slides – plus at $30 they are a steal!
  • That gold charm necklace is from a new favorite brand, Cleopatra’s Bling, check out all their stuff here.
  • Loving head wraps for the pool this summer, and that one (top left) would look perfect with that ditzy printed red bikini (bottom left).

Bon Voyage!Scan 1

The Groundhog Day of Blogs

I know what you’re thinking and I apologize. This feels like the Groundhog Day of blogs. Yes, just last week you saw me in a very similar printed set. Yes, it too was from H&M. Yes, it also was a wide leg pant topped with a matching blouse. Yes, they were both silky.  I promise I will try to do better and add some variety to my wardrobe. But in the mean time, let’s cut to the chase: below are some stoppable links … and yes, I saw my shadow.


Blouse //  Pants  //  Shoes  //  Bag (similar)


p.s. If you live in St. Louis and haven’t been to Forest Park recently, you must get there this week. The flowers are perfectly in bloom and will put you in a better mood than eating a bag of Swedish Fish while reading an US Weekly with Meghan Markle on the cover. #justsayinScan



Brand Crush : Innika Choo

This swoon-worthy summer dress obsession is courtesy of Innika Choo, an Australian-born, stylist-turned-designer who launched her collection in 2016. Choo’s designs, which use renewable and biodegradable plant based fibers, reflect the care-free island lifestyle one might find on Bali, the island where Choo currently resides. Known for her adult take on sometimes childlike details – like smocking, gingham and in her most recent collection: short dresses paired with bloomers –  there is nothing immature about these playful pieces. I love them not only for their lady-like quality but also their beat-the-heat practicality.  Check them out for yourself:


1   //  2  //  3

4   //  5   //  6  (for kids!)

Scan 1

New Boutique Opens in Mid-Town

Every gal with an unruly shopping habit can relate to the story of Sarah-Marie Land, owner of the new St. Louis boutique, The Golden Fig, a curated collection of new and pre-loved women’s clothing. Situated on the corner of Olive and N. Cardinal, Land opened The Golden Fig to give credence and purpose to her shopping habit, specifically her knack for finding incredible deals.

Let me explain. Land’s business model is unique in the sense that she sources her inventory from places accessible to you or I –  think eBay, Nordstrom Rack, garage sales, etc. – but scores them at such rock-bottom prices that she can still sell them at a huge discount AND turn a profit. So like a resale or consignment boutique there is only one of everything- no size or color runs here – but unlike most resale shops, over half of Land’s inventory is “new with tags.”image1-2image1

Inside The Golden Fig, located in St. Louis’ mid-town neighborhood.

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Bedroom to Boardroom


A few years ago my friend’s kids, who were perpetually late for school, suggested to their mom that they sleep in their clothes soas to save time getting ready in the morning. The experiment lasted a few days, until presumably the kids and the mom ran out of clothes that could take them from nighttime to daytime.  Not many PJ’s double as ready-to-wear and vice versa. Well, until now. The silky sets are everywhere for Spring and while they are lauded as a must-have trend item, I think the real appeal is in the convenience. In other words, feel free to hit snooze.

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cheap AND chic

You guys! I went into H&M last week looking for something cheap and green to wear for St. Patrick’s Day, and came out with a boatload of stuff (albeit nothing green). Maybe I caught it on the right day or maybe I was just in the mood, but H&M is looking so good right now. Take a gander at my favorites below! I don’t think anything here costs more than $50 (except for that white midi dress that at $199 is a bit of an anomaly).  And those raffle slides at top right ?? SUCH a bargain. My Starbucks bill this morning was more (only a mild exaggeration…).




1   |   2  |    3

4   |  5   |   6

7   |   8  |  9

Scan 1


I’ve been remiss in ignoring a large segment of my blog-reading population: men! Yes, believe it or not, the guys love Caradise too. So, without further adieu, here, gentlemen, are some fashion trends for you, hot off the press from Men’s Fashion Week in NYC…

And perhaps the biggest news from the Men’s Fall/Winter 2018 Collections that were shown earlier this month in New York City, wasn’t what went down the runway as much as when it did. And by when, I mean that many designers – including big names like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and eckhaus latta- sent their menswear down the runway right along side their women’s ready-to-wear counterparts. This is a shift from where fashion has typically been, when brands would showcase mens’ collections in an entirely separate runway show during a completely different week in February. It’s a shift that begs the question if Men’s Fashion Week as we know it is moving toward extinction in favor of one, unified, co-ed presentation.

However, not all designers opted to defy convention and yes, Men’s Fashion Week technically still occurred (although it was pushed back to Feb 5-7th, so it would immediately precede the women’s shows that began on the 8th) and here are some trends that prevailed:


The forecast was sunny at NYFW, with almost every designer using some shade of yellow in their collections. Calvin Klein showed a muted yellow mohair tunic (left) Michael Kors used the color to add some excitement to an otherwise basic top coat (center) and even Hugo Boss, whose runway was mostly shades of grey, added a yellow trench (right).

Mad for Plaid

While we expect to see plaid in the collections of traditional menswear designers such as Ralph Lauren and Joseph Abboud, plaid was also present in the smaller, more avant garde labels, like Todd Snyder and Bode. Ditching the staid grey and black plaid for brighter alternatives, Todd Snyder (far left, who gained fame for his collaborations with Timex, Champion and Moscot) sent “Schoolboy Chic” head-to-toe plaid down his runway, as did Ovadia & Sons (far right). Raf Simmons mixed up the traditional plaid suit with a boxy- cut blazer and patches adorning the knees.

Pump up the Volume

There was no shortage of outerwear on the runways and its’ defining characteristic was volume. Metallic or matte, short or long, dressy or casual, they were all puffy. Hugo Boss added down to a traditional grey top coat (left), Perry Ellis created interest with a tie-dye satin, a fabric that popped up in many pieces of his collection (center) and Tom Ford sent down a puffy white vest layered over an (equally puffy) metallic jacket, then dressed up the whole look with black brogues (right).

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