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This roundup of favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was not easy, friends. The thought of putting on anything long sleeved, leather, wool or trimmed in fur absolutely makes my skin crawl. In fact, just to write this post I had to sit over the AC vent with my curtains drawn so as to forget about the sauna that exists outside my window. It’s hot, my friends. So here are some things in my virtual shopping bag, but nothing that I’m going to be wearing anytime soon.

Esp. of note – that puffer at top right is so chic and under $100! And those Vince cropped stretch pants on bottom left are a good, casual alternative to jeans and leggings that I think I could wear thru the winter with booties. Happy shopping!




Double duty dressing


I wore this dress to a college friend’s wedding last weekend in Chicago. It was in the pile to go to the dry cleaner because it was caked in dried sweat thanks to a late night dance session better suited to Spring break in South Padre (have I lost you yet?) but I decided to throw it BACK on for what would undoubtedly be a sweat- filled St. Louis evening (… in case you aren’t local, it hovers around 95 degrees with 100% humidity even at 7 pm).  We tried Lona’s Little Eats at the suggestion of my healthiest friend, The Better Have. And it didn’t disappoint. The food came fast, it had a great kids menu and offered up some ethnic, eclectic tastes ta boot.

As for my dress, it’s a keeper that can obviously be dressed up or down. Bonus points for the pockets and pink tassel detail. Shop it all below.


Sizes are spotty, but dress is here or here or here or here  (or if you happen to live in St. Louis and wear a size 10, I saw this same frock at Nordstrom Rack last week for a STEAL! // Shoes // Sunnies //


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Not free.

I saw a saying the other day that rang true for a sale lover like myself: “It’s free if you don’t buy it.” Well. NOT. THIS. BLOG!  These things are all on sale and an extra 25% off thru tonight.  I especially love those earrings (available in 2 colors) and that Ulla Johnson chambray tassel dress. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Shopbop Sale Final

Dress //   Striped Tank //  Swimsuit //  Maxi Dress //  Earrings

Espadrilles //  Black Sandal  //  Lace Dress //  Chambray Dress // Ruffle Skirt

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LA DoubleJ, you have m’heart

Thought I’d make a public declaration of my newest brand obsession: LA DoubleJ. With vintage feeling prints and head to toe pattern, it seemed like the epitome of chic. Then I read their story and it became even chic-er. Hear me out:


“One Love” off the shoulder cotton dress

The brand was started by J.J. Martin, a journalist covering fashion for the NY Times, Harper’s Bazaar and The Wall Street Journal. Although an LA native, she was stationed in Milan and fell in love with the vintage pieces worn by the uber-stylish European women she was covering for her stories. As such, Martin also became quite good at curating these vintage, designer pieces favored by the European elite.

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I Photo-Tested This Outfit


Here’s one thing I’ve learned from the narcissistic practice of photographing myself in outfits: sometimes a camera tells you what the mirror won’t. Take, for example, this dress. My mom sent it to me while she was shopping last month because she thought it looked like my style (stripes, below the knee, ruffles…she knows me well). But I tried it on in front of my full length mirror and immediately thought I’d take it back because a) I have an odd obsession for returning things and b) I also thought the dress made me look like I had saddlebags.

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Caradise Found, Come on Down!

The impetus for this post was that Zara has some killer slides in store right now and … The Price is Right!  Like these, these and those orange ones pictured down below (for $29.90 get them in both colors!) . In fact, I was so inspired by the budget friendly slides that I got a wild and crazy idea to create an entire outfit for under $100. Here’s what I came up with.

… the book is extra ($9.52 on Amazon to be exact) but I just finished it and loved it – LOVED IT! – so had to share.

under 100 final


Tee  //  Earrings  //  Book

Skirt  //  Slides  //   Tote

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Outfit or costume? A study in tonality.

My Senior year of college some friends threw a “Color Party.”  They invited a bunch of apartments to get together and every group had to come dressed in the color they were assigned. The group that drew the yellow card came dressed as Jaundice patients, complete with painted yellow skin, hospital gowns and arrived in a yellow cab. My apartment was pink. We donned dip-dyed cotton batting worn over white jeans in an attempt to resemble cotton candy. You get the gist. Soo, not sure if it’s a good or bad thing that the outfit below brought back memories of that party.

I’ve had this pink pleated skirt in my closet for a while now and always struggle with what to wear on top.  Black seems to harsh, chambray too casual, and white seems like a cop out.  Until one day I was reaching past said skirt for the pink vest you see pictured below. It was an ah-ha moment, as I realized I’d been overthinking it all along. Why not match? Blush on blush. Here’s proof that monotone need not be boring or make you feel like your visiting the Capitol dressed as Effie Trinket.


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Statement Earrings Under $50

There are so many great statement earrings out there this season. Bonus points if they don’t weigh down my ear lobes.  And am doing the happy dance all the way to the checkout if they’re under $50. Well, better get my dancing shoes on because all of these fit the bill. Light, bright and (best of all) won’t break the bank.

Earring Under $50 Final

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Blog Reading 101


I’ve had a few people come up to me after reading my blog and ask the craziest questions: Where was that shirt from that you were wearing in your post yesterday? How much did those dresses cost that you had on your blog last week? I thought it was intuitive that you can shop my looks by clicking on the labels below my photos, but I guess I was wrong. So I’m telling you now …. you can! This is a one stop blog. To help you less-advanced blog readers, I’m going to try typing links in a different color to let you know what words lead to products and/or other sites. Sound good?

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Be a Parent, Not a Friend

There are signs littering our neighborhood that read, “Be a Parent, not a Friend.” It’s all part of a campaign to make safe the High School Spring, specifically Prom and Graduation, which is usually accompanied by a party or twenty. I thought the signs were great but I’m not here to tell you how to raise your kids. They did, however, get me thinking about prom and (natch) what I wore. So yesterday, as I passed said sign, I texted my mom and asked her to send me a photo.

I still remember making the hour long trek to Cleveland to shop for this dress. To a mall that not only had a Saks, but also a Limited Too and Benetton, which in my teenage world was basically as good as Rodeo Drive. Given Benetton didn’t stock dressy dresses, Saks it was. I recall trying on a few other frocks, admittedly pulled down the lace and rhinestone path for which many of my friends had opted, before settling on this strapless floral number.

As I stepped out of the dressing room and twirled for my mom, I asked, “Are you sure its not too garden party? And it’s not long. Everyone wears a floor length dress to prom.” To which she said, “No, it’s a Spring dance, not the Oscars. You look great.” But lets face it, she probably would have bribed me with cold hard cash not to wear the long, aqua sparkly number that I was deciding between.


(I have no idea how to rotate this picture. But maybe just as well that you can’t get a good look.)

Indeed, at prom I was the only gal in a short dress and the only one who had not gotten shoes dyed to match their gown (hopefully a practice that never made it out of Ohio?). But mushroom blow out, braces and what appears to be early onset of my Freshman fifteen aside,  I have #noregrets twenty years later.  How many people can say that? And I’m pretty sure I have only my mom to thank, who’s fashion advice definitely aligned with the “Be a Parent, not a Friend” mantra.

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