Sale Shopping 101

There is nothing more annoying than shopping a tiered sale and landing right below the cut off for the next level of savings. Let me explain: That sale in which if you spend $200, you save 25%, only to find the total in your bill amounts to $195. The struggle is real, my friends.  And this is exactly the reason why all of my kids’ socks come from the Gap. Because when I need to spend $75 to use my Gap Cash (and save a whopping $20), my bill inevitably comes to $72. Grrrr. Socks or undies or one of those annoying little charms they keep near the register usually will do the trick and set me over the savings threshold.

So, not only am I a blogger, but I’m also apparently your mathematician. Because I’m here to do a little fashion addition to help you save as much dough as possible at the biggest Shopbop Sale of the year. The sale goes a little something like this:  Save 20% on orders up to $500 and save 25% on orders $500 and over. So guess what the magic number is, Caradise readers?!? $501.

Here are some ways to get there, so you’re not buying those socks you don’t need. Now, of course, you could make your life easy and just buy this or these  or this and call it a day. You’re call.

Booties + Earrings



Dress + Sandals + Bracelet



Puffer  + Hat + Sweater


Dress + Clutch + Jeans


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“When Love and Hate Collide”


Here’s a confession. Despite what my t-shirt is telling you, I don’t like Def Leppard. Not a bit. In fact, most of their songs make me want to pop an Advil and (with the exception of Pour Some Sugar on Me) I would probably change the station if I stumbled upon their tunes on the radio. But, you see, in the case of this shirt, along with the Def Leopard comes that faded British flag logo, that cool yellow font … all plastered on a soft, buttery cotton slim-fit muscle tee.  So. I guess I’m in a bit of a band bind.

Because none of the bands that make up my Spotify playlists (Old Crow Medicine Show, Nathaniel Ratliff & The Night Sweats,  The Avett Brothers to name a few) are replete with fashionable logos and those logos are definitely not found on comfy Chaser tees.  It’s a pickle. Or maybe I’m just a poser.  Either way I don’t mind. I will just keep playing the part …  walking down my suburban sidewalk, with my coifed hair, wearing my professionally tattered jeans, store-bought distressed sneakers and maybe fool a person or two into thinking that’s Hysteria playing on my iPod.


Top here // Jeans last seen here // Shoes here (but sizes spotty) and similar here and here.

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5 things I’m buying for Fall

Or wanting to buy at least …

  1. An updated loafer. I love the idea of a daytime shoe that isn’t a sneaker, but just as comfy. Up the excitement and opt for a tassle or pattern, but still wear them as a neutral (… those purple ones in the middle are 50% off today!).



1  //   2  //  3

2. Something Yellow. Move over millennial pink, there’s a new color in town! I’m going to choose a mustard-y hue, so that my yellow reads more Fall than Summer.



1  //  2  //  

3. Embellished Bag. Sequins, fur, grommets, feathers. There are so many crazy options out there to pick from. Bonus: The two bags on the left are under $75, thereby leaving you a little cash to carry on the inside.



1   //  2  //  3

4. Pajamas…. for day. They were in for Spring and I want to wear them into Fall. Top with an animal print coat and you are cold weather ready.  Not ready to dive head first into this look? Keep it to a simpler pattern or just buy one piece, top or pants, and pair with a chambray or a neural.



1  //   2  //  3

5. Fur. Faux fur. Specifically, funky faux fur! No boring neutrals in sight when it comes to faux fur this season. Wild colors are adorning every item you can think of – from backpacks, to coats, to purses – how can you resist? Betcha didn’t know you needed a fur bag, did you? Like the one below at left …. it is $40, comes in three colors and will keep your cell phone nice and toasty as temperatures dip. Just sayin’.



1  //  2  //  3

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White After Labor Day


Granted, not the most exciting outfit post, but can you really ever have too many white tops in your closet? Nah. Sometimes basics are good.  Also doesn’t hurt that this particular basic is on sale for $25. It’s poplin (so a little more substantial than a tee), buttons down the back and comes in three colors. It’s been on repeat lately, but most recently worn with jeans and sneakers while exploring the streets of NY with my kiddos. Shop it here and similar version here!



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Fauxgerty, the sustainable clothing store known for their high end vegan leather jackets, hosted a Lou Fest pre-party at their Central West End location Friday night.  The brand combined forced with some other eco-friendly local companies like Lark Skin Co., Jord Watches and Snake Bite Co., to host the bash, complete with food and cocktails courtesy of Four Hands Brewing (another local favorite!).  It was fun to mingle with other bloggers and check out the latest and greatest from Jord and Fauxgerty in a soiree they appropriately dubbed #jordgoesfaux.

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Target Does it Again (or not?)

In general, I am not one of those people who go to Target for 3 things and come out with 30. I have plenty of shopping vices, but when it comes to the discount retailer, I usually stick to what’s on my list. I haven’t always been that way, but after going a little crazy at the Missoni for Target launch and then crazy again at the Merrimeko for Target line, I realized the non-commodities I buy at Target usually go unworn and unused.

That cropped Missoni sweater I bought the Fall of 2011? Never even took off the tags.  After many failed attempts to make it fit into an ensemble, I finally gave up and carted it to Goodwill. Ditto for the black and white Merimeko cover up. Do they feel cheap once I get them home? Do I not want to wear them because everyone else is? Probably a little of both.

Then I got a flyer in the mail about A New Day, Target’s just-launched clothing line that is supposed to fill part of the void that Merona left behind.  The clothes were a little- wear to work for this SAHM, but I could appreciate the colors, fun patterns and barely-there price points. If nothing else, the advertisement got me to walk thru the clothing section of my Target store –  a section that I had largely ignored for the last few years.

Said trip only yielded one item (this dress below), even though at one point I also had this and this in my cart. It’s still unknown if the dress will ever see the outside of my closet, but if past performance is any indicator of future results, it’s not looking good.


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#nsale picks


1  //   2  //  3

4   //  5   //   6

7   //  8   //   9

10  //  11  //   12

This roundup of favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was not easy, friends. The thought of putting on anything long sleeved, leather, wool or trimmed in fur absolutely makes my skin crawl. In fact, just to write this post I had to sit over the AC vent with my curtains drawn so as to forget about the sauna that exists outside my window. It’s hot, my friends. So here are some things in my virtual shopping bag, but nothing that I’m going to be wearing anytime soon.

Esp. of note – that puffer at top right is so chic and under $100! And those Vince cropped stretch pants on bottom left are a good, casual alternative to jeans and leggings that I think I could wear thru the winter with booties. Happy shopping!




Double duty dressing


I wore this dress to a college friend’s wedding last weekend in Chicago. It was in the pile to go to the dry cleaner because it was caked in dried sweat thanks to a late night dance session better suited to Spring break in South Padre (have I lost you yet?) but I decided to throw it BACK on for what would undoubtedly be a sweat- filled St. Louis evening (… in case you aren’t local, it hovers around 95 degrees with 100% humidity even at 7 pm).  We tried Lona’s Little Eats at the suggestion of my healthiest friend, The Better Have. And it didn’t disappoint. The food came fast, it had a great kids menu and offered up some ethnic, eclectic tastes ta boot.

As for my dress, it’s a keeper that can obviously be dressed up or down. Bonus points for the pockets and pink tassel detail. Shop it all below.


Sizes are spotty, but dress is here or here or here or here  (or if you happen to live in St. Louis and wear a size 10, I saw this same frock at Nordstrom Rack last week for a STEAL! // Shoes // Sunnies //


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Not free.

I saw a saying the other day that rang true for a sale lover like myself: “It’s free if you don’t buy it.” Well. NOT. THIS. BLOG!  These things are all on sale and an extra 25% off thru tonight.  I especially love those earrings (available in 2 colors) and that Ulla Johnson chambray tassel dress. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Shopbop Sale Final

Dress //   Striped Tank //  Swimsuit //  Maxi Dress //  Earrings

Espadrilles //  Black Sandal  //  Lace Dress //  Chambray Dress // Ruffle Skirt

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La DoubleJ, you have m’heart

Allow me to make a public declaration of my newest brand obsession: La DoubleJ. With vintage feeling prints, lady-like silhouettes and just the right amount of ruffle, it seemed to me that this label was the epitome of chic. Then I read their story and the brand became even chic-er. Hear me out:


“One Love” off the shoulder cotton dress

La DoubleJ was founded by J.J. Martin, a journalist covering fashion for the NY Times, Harper’s Bazaar and The Wall Street Journal. Although an L.A. native, Martin was stationed in Milan and fell in love with the vintage pieces worn by the uber-stylish European women she was covering for her stories. Rubbing elbows with these society mavens, Martin became a first-hand witness to some of the world’s most fashionable closets. She thereby acquired a discerning eye for high-end style, specifically vintage pieces.

Martin combined this knowledge, her natural charisma and her inner “L.A. cool”  to start a business –  a business whose sole aim was to resell high-end vintage apparel.  But we’re not talking last season’s Prada – to qualify as “truly vintage” Martin would scour the streets for anything that was over 20 years old. She loved what she did and was quite successful at it, but quickly realized it was a tough business to scale… because oftentimes the goods, specifically the good goods, are very few and far between. If you’re lucky enough to find something old and valuable, often the owner doesn’t want to part with it or it’s in a condition that’s not resale-able.

Shorts //  Caftan  //  Skirt

So in September 2015, Martin decided to refine her business plan and create these vintage feeling pieces on her own. Partnering with famed Italian shop, Mantero Seta, a 145-year-old fabric manufacturer in Lake Como, she launched her clothing label. She designed ankle-grazing skirts, off-the-shoulder dresses and even button-downs – all made from the brand’s bright, 60’s inspired, colorful fabric. The pieces made their Stateside debut at a pop-up at Bergdorf Goodman earlier this year and are currently available on   La DoubleJ’s website or Traditional sale channels are few and far between, but not by accident. Martin is aiming to keep the brand 90% direct-to-consumer and 10% wholesale. Which, if you ask me, makes the line a little more enticing in itself.

If you find yourself in Milan anytime soon, consider adding La DoubleJ to your itinerary. In the mean time, you can shop their goodies here.

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