Artist Crush : Sally Gall

sally gall_fantasia

Leave it to an artist to inspire me to dust off the keyboard and start Caradise-ing again. This one was too good not to share. Sally Gall ‘s large scale photographs danced across my Instagram feed last week and I’ve been dreaming of them ever since. With their rich colors and strong sense of movement, Gall’s photographs of textiles blowing in the wind almost blend into abstraction. Here are a few of my favorites, but if you’re in NYC anytime soon, her work is on view at The Julie Saul Gallery in Chelsea until March 3rd … and seriously, will you ever look at a clothes line the same way again?!?





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Attn: St. Louis Mama’s!


Lose your kids, definitely ditch your husband, grab your girl gang and join TruFusion (Clayton’s newest gym) and Kidzxplor (the ClassPass of kid’s activities) for a day-long retreat in celebration of Mother’s Day.  The retreat, apropriately entitled, Mod Mama’s Retreat is next Friday, May 11th, from 9-3 pm at TruFusion (7447 Forsyth).

Here’s the run down: Start the day by choosing from one of two fitness classes: Cross Fusion Bootcamp or Tru Signature Series Yoga. After class, mingle with friends and wellness experts before heading next door to the St. Louis Artist’s Guild for a catered lunch from Revel Kitchen.

After lunch you’ll have a chance to chose from three, 30- minute break out sessions including:

  • Your personal stylist
  • Juicing 101
  • Aging gracefully (…. you know where to find me!)
  • Getting your mojo back
  • Going green
  • Eating for your body type
  • Floral arranging
  • Setting goals and taking names

Then finally … end the day with another TruFusion signature class or head to the Wine & Cheese Place for a wine tasting. Can’t make it the whole day? Just drop in for the morning or join us for lunch and stay for the wellness classes!

Buy your tickets here . They cost $75 and include all classes, food and drinks for the day.  Caradise readers, use code MODMAMA for $10 off your ticket! Hope to see you there!

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(photo courtesy of Kidzxplor)

Spring Cleaning … My face!


Fizzy Martinis from The Preston were served between spa sessions.

Smells are notorious for reminding me of different times in my life. Like … the smell of a fireplace reminds me of ski trips to New York as a kid; Angel perfume of my first job out of college because that’s what my officemate wore; Aquanet hairspray of dance recitals growing up. Same goes for Shampure,  Aveda’s everyday shampoo that my sophomore- year college roommate used religiously. Can’t use that stuff without thinking of her.  She actually turned me on to a bunch of Aveda products, which I used mainly because I loved their smell.

But turns out those smells that initially got me hooked on Aveda everything are more than just for ooh’s and ahh’s, as I learned last Tuesday night at the Aveda Salon & Spa in the Chase Hotel’s “Masks and Martinis,” an evening held for local bloggers. Along with fizzy martinis, hand massages and incredibly relaxing mini facials, we got to sit down with Aveda experts and talk shop.


Bloggers watch the Tulasara dry brush demo.

Aveda’s products are derived from plant oils (which I knew) but the great smells those produce also give their products therapeutic properties, similar to those found in essential oils (which I didn’t know). So, for example, that Aveda Hand Relief cream that I have and love, which is made of lavandin and eucalyptus?  The spa recommended using it right before bed– after rubbing the lotion over your hands and chest, take a few big breaths with your hands cupped over your nose and mouth, to increase the stimulation of your olfactory glands and get the full relaxation power out of the lavender scented cream.

The other cool take away from the evening? Something called a Tulasara Radiant Facial Dry Brush.  Here’s a closer look:


The Aveda Tulasara Radiant Facial Dry Brush 

Made and sold by Aveda, think of this little brush as a cross between a toothbrush and a Clarisonic. Softer bristles than a Clarisonic, but manually powered like your toothbrush (or at least mine), the Aveda spa recommends gently rubbing the brush over your face for a quick minute as part of your daily routine, then applying some moisturizing oil, the specific type depending on your skin tone and skin needs. The brush gently sloughs off the dead skin and stimulates new cell growth. Apparently, this is a daily ritual in India, and the basis for Aveda’s adoption of the brush into their line up. In India, people also use larger brushes to perform the routine over their entire body.  Kinda like a dry loofa, before you hop in the shower.  I tried it on the back of my hands and loved how it left them smooth and soft – ready to absorb oil or moisturizer, but not overly abrasive like some of the exfoliators I’ve used.

I am by no means a wholistic medicine gal. But I can totally appreciate the healing and beauty benefits of aromatherapy and massage. I walked away feeling refreshed and revitalized, my skin glowing from my facial. Pretty sure there’s also some healing properties in spending an evening drinking martinis with girlfriends …. but maybe that’s just me.

St. Louis readers: get in on the fun and book your salon service at the Aveda Salon and Spa at the Chase today. Use code RADIANT to receive 15% off your spa service —  the only stipulation, that you must book your appointment in March and schedule it for April. Call to make your appointment today! 314-633-3081. 


St. Louis Bloggers smile post-facial!

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10 things I’m loving now

1. The watercolor paintings of Kate Schelter art
2. Anything oushak, just bought a vintage runner for my kitchen and I’m in love.
3. Perricone MD No Mascara Mascara, I have zero lashes and this stuff makes even mine look thicker and longer.
4. Mercedes Salazar EarringsOne of each, please.
5. These shoes from J. Crew have me thinking Spring.
6. Burl Wood anything, but especially this dresser and cute decorative boxes.
7. Margarita Missoni’s line for pottery barn kids
8. Amaro Nonino. had this Italian herbal liquor while we were in Park City and it was so yummy… think of it as a winter St. Germaine.
9. Josef Frank wallpaper – The colors! The patterns! Swoon!
10. All the tulle seen on Spring runways, especially those frocks above by Victor and Rolf.

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me, just healthier and prettier


Before the holidays, I met with Lauren (@greenbeauty_stl) to clean up my make up routine— meaning, remove the unhealthy additives and chemicals that come along with so many beauty products these days and replace them with something a little healthier. True “green” beauty products remove the chemicals and carcinogens from their list of ingredients and replace them with non-toxic and usually more sustainable ones, often these are ingredients that work with the body to restore itself. Green beauty is definitely a trend lately, as people, especially women who typically use more products than our male counterparts, realize the harm chemicals can do to our body. And as Lauren reminded me, “skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs everything we put on it, so keep this in mind when choosing personal care products.”

Before we got started, Lauren and I sat down to discuss my current beauty routine, problem areas and any products I couldn’t live without. I explained I’m oily in the T-zone, usually don’t wear more than tinted moisturizer, mascara and blush, and rely on my tinted green pencil to eliminate redness. She found a green beauty product to replace everything in my current arsenal! She used foundation, highlighter, bronzer, concealer, pressed powder, eye shadows, eye liner, mascara and more from popular green beauty brands like RMS and Alima Pure. Blissoma products were used to prep my skin before applying the makeup.

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lark skin co. – a gift for your skin


I am a sucker for cosmetics in cute packages. Call me what you will, but it definitely impacts my purchasing habits. And is also why I was immediately drawn to Lark Skin Co.’s booth at the Urban Chestnut Midtown market a few months ago. Bright, fresh, simple packaging caught my eye and then I was even more smitten once I met Lark Skin Co.’s  owner Lisa Dolan and heard her story –  how she wanted to create better, healthier skincare products once she had a child and began questioning the ingredients in the products and chemicals we use on our skin daily. The ingredients in Dolan’s line are all natural and organic and well, come in really cute packaging.

I tried this mask made out of moroccan clay and aloe geared toward sensitive aging skin (that’s me!). It’s a red powder to which you add a few drops of water to form a paste, then spread over your face and let sit for 10-15 minutes until dry. I took a photo of myself doing this, but will spare you the close ups … you would certainly never read this blog again. But trust me when I say that fifteen minutes later my skin felt so smooth and soft.

I’ve also been using their Beauty Potion. It’s a combination of reship, sati inch and a few other oils I can’t pronounce, but it gives my face a cool glow and much needed moisture this time of year. I use it at night as a moisturizer but also in the morning, by adding a few drops to my tinted moisturizer.


I waited a little bit to write this after using the products to make sure nothing crazy happened, like breakouts or irritation. Nothing has. I would say I have sensitive, combination skin and both products served me perfectly.

They have gift boxes that would make a great holiday gift, btw. OR, better yet,  just treat yourself this holiday season!

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