Hi. I’m Cara. Ex- department store buyer and self-proclaimed design and style connoisseur, who started blogging as a means to put my love of all things fashionable to use. I live in St. Louis with my husband and 3 kids…or at least there were 3 last I checked. I’ve been cooped up in our office for a VERY long time trying to decipher my blogging software.

A glimpse into my Proust questionnaire in case you want to know more…

What is your idea of perfect happiness: Starbucks Grande Verona, The NY Times and a sunny Sunday morning

Trait you most deplore in yourself: procrastination, my driving

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery: center seat on an airline, single ply toilet paper, forgetting my shower shoes at the gym

What words or phrases do you most overuse: “Darling” and “Noooo Way!”

Most Overrated Virtue: moderation

Greatest Extravagance: St. Germaine liquor, Trader Joe’s licorice, travel

On what occasion do you lie: frequently to my children when it involves eating dessert, sleepovers, or bedtime

Most dislike about your appearance: my posture…and have you seen my knees?

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  1. Jane Koster says:

    Hi Cara,
    Didn’t you recently post (or Instagram) about books you were reading or had read? I meant to flag it but can’t find it now. Unless I’m thinking of another blog, in which case ignore me!
    Thx 🙂


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