This adult wrist looks like it just left summer camp


I spent the summer slathering sunscreen on my kids at the public pool, but my wrists would have you thinking otherwise. Laden with bracelets, most of the homemade variety, it looks like I spent July roasting marshmallows and singing songs around a fire at summer camp. I’ve ditched the gold, and in the carefree spirit of summer, even shed my watch, in favor of jewelry (maybe a generous word choice) that is uncomplicated and unfussy.

To be honest, my “stack” started long before summer. Back in January, I went to celebrate a friends birthday in Mexico and to mark the occasion, we all got some souvenirs on the beach. You know, less permanent than a tattoo, but longer lasting than the suntan we’d come home with. Kind of like these:


This friendship bracelet was later joined by an evil eye courtesy of a superstitious friend and a slew of beaded, fringed kids bracelets from a local children’s designer. As summer wore on, my stack grew. We went to visit my parents, where I took a page out of my REAL camp memory book and made these telephone wire bracelets with my kids.  Yup, added some to my wrist and theirs too.

Tele Wire

I’m anything but alone in this kitschy, colorful jewelry phenomena. Enviable stacks – all of which feel more crafty than Cartier – have been littering my social media feed for months. Unfortunately, those I love most come with price tags reminiscent of camp tuition rather than craft fees… especially since you can’t wear just one- with these baubles it’s definitely a case of more is more. Take a look at these goodies from Carolina Bucci...


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