From the #Banksy of the mighty Mississip’…

When I first started writing my instagram caption today I thought myself so clever. Then I told my good idea to Joe, who sat stone faced and asked what I was talking about. For those of you not on Instagram, it went something like this: “I’m back on the #banksy of the mighty Mississip’ taking in some graffiti…” Once I explained my pun he still sat stone faced. So, I instagram-ed my pun anyway and now am here to tell you about Banksy:


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Shopping Rent the Runway

Last weekend in Las Vegas I checked out Rent the Runway’s store. It’s one of 4 brick and mortar stores in the Runway arsenal– a retailer mainly known for it’s online presence. The concept, in case you are unfamiliar: rent a designer dress for a fraction of the price it would cost you to buy, keep 4 or 8 days, return. Easy. You can also rent handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, the list goes on. Prices average from $40- $90 depending on the designer and type of dress you are borrowing. Although I did see a Stella McCartney jumpsuit for $275 to rent (but said jumpsuit also retails for almost $2,000, so guess it’s all relative).

Without further ado (and at the risk of losing readers), below are the dresses I tried on:

Rent the Runway 1 Rent the Runway2

What do you think? My strategy: why rent a dress you would buy? No LBD’s for me. I was going big or going home. Is that everyone’s take or just mine?

The end result:

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Trendiest Outfit Ever

Last weekend I must have challenged myself to see how many trends I could incorporate into one outfit. Here’s what I came up with. Crop top? Check. Off the shoulders? Check. Palazzo pants? Check. Wedges? Check. Four! My new personal best. I remember when I worked at Target, our buying mantra was to put one “trend” into an article of clothing, two at the most, more than that and you’re just making clothes for the clearance racks. Well, if they could see me now…


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