cakes by the ocean

Have you guys ever made mug cakes? Sorry if I’m late to this party, but I was recently enlightened and thought you might be curious too, especially if you have kids.  Mug cakes are essentially a mini cake, that you make in a mug, then microwave. The whole thing saves you lots of messy clean up, is easier than a traditional cake, and my kids love, LOVE making them. The only thing you sacrifice is taste (I realize this is a minor problem).  Technically, it’s not so much taste that you’re sacrificing as it is texture. I can never manage to get the cooking time right for our microwave, so my mug cakes always ended up dry. But I think with some experimenting you could master the baking time. It’s a game of seconds…literally.

Despite the subpar texture,  I’ve made these things again and again. Most recently,  we tried the Melt-in-the-Middle variety for dessert in Florida, hence, cakes by the ocean. Below is the recipe we tried, and here is the cookbook we own that has a ton of other recipes in it. I think it would make a great kids birthday present…a few fun mugs and the Mug Cake cookbook, am I right?


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