Ugh. you’ve got to be kidding me


In case you guys think for a second this fashion blog thing is easy, please think again. The stresses are innumerable.  Take for example, this English Factory top that I got 2 weeks ago in the cutest boutique in Pittsburgh. Even though I’d worn it out a few times, this weekend I finally got around to taking a picture of myself in it (read: during the day when the lighting is decent). But then, when I went to provide shoppable links, the damn top is already sold out. Two weeks later. Fourteen days. So now, in addition to being fashionable and trend-right, I also have to be prompt. It’s just too much. So what you get below are some links to similar English Factory tops… different color, but same style as mine. Not perfect, but what was I going to do, waste these perfectly good photos? If you want promptness, I’m afraid you’ll need to go find a blogger who doesn’t have kids or a husband…

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