My LBD soulmate

If you’re looking for a mini skirt to wear to your holiday party, you’re barking up the wrong blog. I’m a midi girl tried and true, thanks to legs that resemble tree trunks (pretty sure I have my dad to thank for that) and some very unsightly vericose veins (…and I know I have my kids to thank for those). With that in mind,  here’s a perfect LBD… for me! The length covers my legs perfectly and hugs my midsection, which is the best thing I have goin’ at the moment.

I’ve also been into pairing this green faux leather moto jacket that you’ve seen a zillion times with dressier outfits. It’s edgy and a little sassy. Perfect if you’re headed somewhere hip this holiday season. And if your party is more conservative?…well,  velvet and pearls for you!



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what’s your comfy shoe?

This weekend I went to a baby shower and found myself sitting in a corner along with some other ladies. We were all sitting for the same reason :  uncomfortable shoes. Which begot the conversation – what kind of dress shoes make for the best party garb? We need comfort, style,  with a dash of festive. I voted for a thick heel and open toe, citing that I’d rather wear a 4″ thick heel than 2″ skinny one anyday.  They didn’t all agree with me, but, well … I write the blog. Below is a holiday outfit idea built around what I think to be a very comfy shoe. So hit the dance floor, stand by the bar or linger at the buffet… just leave the couches to those gals in the pointy toe kitten heels.

p.s. Shoes aside, those earrings would make any outfit. True or false?


Pants // Earrings // Peplum Top // Clutch // Coat // Shoes 

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A Midi bit late

Since it is almost 70 degrees today in St. Louis, this outfit seems appropriate. Even though we’re well into Fall,  midi skirts are still relevant…just swap sandals for booties and add a blazer. The one I’m wearing is from Banana Republic (no longer available) but below are some other midi’s that I love paired with a simple black top. Buy now and wear to a Holiday party in December.


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