Vero Meal Kits Make this Family Happy


The meal delivery market is hotter and more competitive than ever. Gluten-free? Vegan? Organic?  There’s a box for that. While differentiation is key, it is not a difficult task for the newest player in the home delivery meal kit space: St. Louis- based Vero Meal Kits. Not only does the company draw from the award-winning recipe arsenal of chef Katie Collier (those in St. Louis know her as the name behind Katie’s Pizza and Pasta, a favorite local stand by), but it also has a home-spun approach to meal delivery that is both refreshing and comforting.

For one, the meals can be ordered on an as-needed basis. No commitments, contracts or minimum weekly deliveries. So for a gal like myself who gets a little anxiety knowing she has to prepare a meal (or three) that arrived on her doorstep, this eliminates a lot of the stress. However, if subscriptions are your thing, they do that too … with amazing flexibility. Choose your day of delivery, number of meals, quantity per meal and any add on items that strike your fancy. It is very flexible.

Also, it’s largely pizza and pasta, no pork roasts or shrimp scampi.  Maybe that seems less adventurous to some, but for a mom with three little kids to feed, it’s also very safe. And sometimes safe is good. That said, you’re not making penne marinara, you’ll receive pasta or pizza with a gourmet twist (like this week’s choice, Tuscan Gemelli & Caprese Salad).

Vero also adds little touches that I haven’t seen in other meal subscription boxes: the Vero branded chef’s hats are a nice touch, as are the coloring pages (perfect to keep the kids busy while I try to prepare dinner) and our family favorite,  the Conversation Starters at the bottom of each recipe. “If you could learn the answer to one question about your future what would it be and why?” elicited an unusually deep dinner table discussion for my family of five.

IMG_7982   IMG_8007

A happy mail day when our Vero box arrived and some of its contents, above.

And as is de rigueur with these things, we made a meal that was new-to-us and fun to prepare, Fiori Arrabbiata with a Mista Salad. It arrived fresh, with concise cooking instructions and most importantly, replete with Katie’s fresh homemade noodles. It was delish!

Find out more and order a Vero meal kit here … Buy one for yourself or give as a gift (wouldn’t this make a great housewarming, birthday or new baby present?).

Bon appetite!


Making our Vero Meal Kit was a true family affair!

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