This Suit costs less than your Summer read

Yesterday at the pool I had the following exchange with my friend:

Me: “Your bathing suit is so cute. Where’d you get that?”

Her: “Cupshe.”

Me: Excuse me?

Her: Cupshe.

Me: What?

Her: Cupshe. Cupshe.

Me: I’m sorry, but you’re going to need to spell that.

Her: C-U-P-S-H-E. Like a cup, then she.

Just rolls right off your tongue, doesn’t it? But in hearing this exchange two more girls joined in, saying that they had just bought or had friends that bought swimsuits there. Apparently it’s the new spot to buy low cost, trend right swimwear. Caradise readers, having never even heard of such brand or website, I fully admit to blogger failure. I am sorry.

…. But it’s not too late. There is still summer left!

SO without further adieu, my friends suit (here) was only $25 (!!) and ships free.  I haven’t actually worn a Cupshe yet, I felt my friends suit and the material wasn’t flimsy or cheap. Some of the styles are definitely more suited to Las Vegas pool party than mom of three, but sort thru and there’s something for everyone.  Here are a few of my favorites, not a single one more than thirty bucks.

Black Scalloped   //    Colorblock    //   Rainbow     //    One Shoulder

    Floral     //   Scalloped 2 Piece    //     Yellow    //    Pink Skirted (!)

Scan 1