the post-modern corset


Don’t get me wrong, not for a second do I want to go back to the early 2000’s and the era of ultra low-rise jeans. Too young to know what I’m talking about? Or just forgot?  Well, allow me to refresh your memory with this photo.  There was a barely-there zipper, belt loops hovering just above the bum and a gal was required to specially groom her bikini line so that nothing was evident from above. Muffin tops were born during this era and frankly, one of the lesser side effects of this crazy trend. How many plumbers cracks did you have to see…on your friends?  What about the endless views of thongs creeping above the waistline of pants? It was ugly on many levels.

Then as the fashion tides began to turn and as rises (the distance from the middle of the crotch to the top of the waistband) began inching up, I was ecstatic. For one, I have a long torso so those low rise pants left even tunics barely covering my belly. Second of all, if a girl wants to wear a nice, big comfortable brief in lieu of some sexy thong, these new pants gave all the room in the world for a full coverage panty. Sign me up. Life just got a lot more comfortable.

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