Don’t mess with Pesto

I don’t pretend to be a good cook, but there are a few meals that I do right. And pesto is one of them. Mine is kick-ass. That’s why we eat it weekly in the summer and usually just serve it straight up on pasta.  I’ve never been one to experiment with add-ins or toppings, because as the old adage goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  However, when we went to St. Louis’ new vegetarian restaurant and whiskey bar (yes, you read that combo correctly), Small Batch, I was inspired to branch out and try their pesto. It’s conventional with basil but had some crazy toppings.  And well, it was amazing. Soo amazing, that I was inspired to recreate it for my family later that week. My concoction is below. Please note, this is not Small Batch’s recipe, but rather my interpretation of it. Theirs was good…but mine was too. So here’s what I made:



The bar at Small Batch.

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Eat local…

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When a friend asked us to pick up her CSA (Community Share Agriculture) it was as good as Christmas in July. The concept: buy into a farm share, let someone else do all the heavy lifting, then you pick up your portion of the harvest at a local house weekly. The catch:  you never know what produce you are going to get from week to week… it’s whatever the farm has harvested and is in season. Ours was loaded with colorful carrots, lettuce, tomatillos (confession: I did have to Google to determine their identity) and tomatoes.

The novelty wore of a smidge when I found myself chopping all day Sunday- for fear that the vegetables would spoil before we used them up. “Fun, CSA!” quickly turned into “F&$#ing, CSA.” Sometimes it’s just easier to eat processed food. That said, here’s what I made:

Curry Carrot Soup // Taboulleh // Green Salsa

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