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I spent Sunday at The Cheshire , getting pampered by Dominic Michael Salon and Brea Politte Makeup in preparation for a photo shoot with Lori Coulter Swimwear.  I’ve met Lori before and always love her brand’s philosophy about making women feel comfortable in a swim suit and embracing their figure- small, large, short or tall. In fact, the hashtag for the morning, which was spent sipping cocktails and lounging with fellow bloggers in between snaps, was #putonaswimsuit. The idea: don’t go to a pool party and hang out in your clothes because you’re embarrassed about your “swimsuit body,” don’t wait until you lose five pounds or don’t wait for that baby weight to disappear before you’re willing to show some skin. Just do it. Just put on a swimsuit and enjoy summer as you are.

I know we are our own harshest critics and I can’t lie… when I first heard about this blogging opportunity, I was reluctant to apply simply because it would entail being photographed in a swimsuit.  Photographs are so permanent! And I am not photogenic. And I have small boobs. And short legs. And some spider veins that really cramp my swim suit mojo. But whatever, I channeled my inner Lori and left my reservations at home. And am so glad I did.

The suit I chose was this black and white maillot that is elegant, sophisticated and slightly retro. It covers all the right parts and makes me feel completely comfortable swimming or lounging poolside. I can think of (at least) 5 readers of this blog who would look so good in it too!!

Shop my exact suit here and Lori’s entire collection here (for reference I am wearing a size 4). And… better yet, use code caradisefound2016 for 20% off your order until July 31st. Happy shopping!

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Weisman Photography.

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