me, just healthier and prettier


Before the holidays, I met with Lauren (@greenbeauty_stl) to clean up my make up routine— meaning, remove the unhealthy additives and chemicals that come along with so many beauty products these days and replace them with something a little healthier. True “green” beauty products remove the chemicals and carcinogens from their list of ingredients and replace them with non-toxic and usually more sustainable ones, often these are ingredients that work with the body to restore itself. Green beauty is definitely a trend lately, as people, especially women who typically use more products than our male counterparts, realize the harm chemicals can do to our body. And as Lauren reminded me, “skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs everything we put on it, so keep this in mind when choosing personal care products.”

Before we got started, Lauren and I sat down to discuss my current beauty routine, problem areas and any products I couldn’t live without. I explained I’m oily in the T-zone, usually don’t wear more than tinted moisturizer, mascara and blush, and rely on my tinted green pencil to eliminate redness. She found a green beauty product to replace everything in my current arsenal! She used foundation, highlighter, bronzer, concealer, pressed powder, eye shadows, eye liner, mascara and more from popular green beauty brands like RMS and Alima Pure. Blissoma products were used to prep my skin before applying the makeup.

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