this boutique is OSO hip



Above: Groceries Apparel tank and Elemente Clemente crops, both from OSO: a style lab.

Walk thru the doors of OSO: a style lab and you’ll get a bit of a fashion tutorial. And by that I mean that owners Jen Rieger and Chris Rubin de la Borbolla pride themselves in sourcing small, unique, and (sometimes) local labels for their new store in the heart of University City’s Delmar Loop. The duo know their products inside and out and are more than willing to tell you about the history of a brand or how an item wound up on their shelves. I always feel a little wiser and more inspired after hearing them talk.

The store feels more like something you’d find in Brooklyn or Shoreditch, rather than St. Louis, MO.  There are graphic tees from Love Nail Tree, vintage-esque items from L’ecole desFemmes, and great staples from Suki and Solaine.  St. Louis designers Trang Nyugen and Victrola also have rack space, as does (St. Louis-born eye wear designer) Neil Bardon’s line, St. Rita Parlor.


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