hear ye! hear ye!

Every year St. Louis hosts one of the world’s most renowned Shakespeare Festivals. Running for two weeks in June, Shakespeare Festival St. Louis performs the same play (this year Romeo & Juliet) every night under the stars in Forest Park. It is free and open to the public. I, unfortunately, am not cerebral enough for Shakespeare.  I attend the festival to take photographs with the their streamer filled trees, which are works of art in themselves (below).


Shop my dress here and same one different color scheme here.

(This dress has festival written all over it. The lightweight material is perfect for hot days and the maxi length means you can sit on a blanket without flashing your neighbor. It comes in two colors and I recommend sizing down.)


Memorial Day Reject


I think Caradise missed the memo that come Memorial Day, one is supposed to start wearing white. And I guess there’s some wisdom behind that old mantra because this peplum dark-hued top left me with some serious elbow sweat when worn during the afternoon heat. Soooo maybe this top is better saved for acres sun … or, better yet, since it will only set you back $10, you can use the money you have leftover to buy a more hearty deodorant. Shop my top here.



Shop the Entire Look:


Top    //   Jeans    //   Shoes //  Earrings

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Three Day Weekend Wardrobe

Three Day Weekend

Head Wrap // Sunnies //  Tank //  Earrings

Bikini  //  Tote  //  Printed Dress

Necklace  //  Jeans  // Slides

If Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, then this packing list is a must for kicking the season off right! Whether you are headed out of town or just lounging around the house, there’s a little something here for everyone.

Some things to note:

  • Those are my favorite Frame jeans and they are on sale.
  • I love those Michael Kors Collection look-alike gold slides – plus at $30 they are a steal!
  • That gold charm necklace is from a new favorite brand, Cleopatra’s Bling, check out all their stuff here.
  • Loving head wraps for the pool this summer, and that one (top left) would look perfect with that ditzy printed red bikini (bottom left).

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Brand Crush : Innika Choo

This swoon-worthy summer dress obsession is courtesy of Innika Choo, an Australian-born, stylist-turned-designer who launched her collection in 2016. Choo’s designs, which use renewable and biodegradable plant based fibers, reflect the care-free island lifestyle one might find on Bali, the island where Choo currently resides. Known for her adult take on sometimes childlike details – like smocking, gingham and in her most recent collection: short dresses paired with bloomers –  there is nothing immature about these playful pieces. I love them not only for their lady-like quality but also their beat-the-heat practicality.  Check them out for yourself:


1   //  2  //  3

4   //  5   //  6  (for kids!)

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cheap AND chic

You guys! I went into H&M last week looking for something cheap and green to wear for St. Patrick’s Day, and came out with a boatload of stuff (albeit nothing green). Maybe I caught it on the right day or maybe I was just in the mood, but H&M is looking so good right now. Take a gander at my favorites below! I don’t think anything here costs more than $50 (except for that white midi dress that at $199 is a bit of an anomaly).  And those raffle slides at top right ?? SUCH a bargain. My Starbucks bill this morning was more (only a mild exaggeration…).




1   |   2  |    3

4   |  5   |   6

7   |   8  |  9

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No Track In Sight


The moral of this blog post is that I’m ahead of the trend curve (a wonderful quality for a blogger), but also incredibly lazy (a horrible quality no matter who you are). Because these photos were taken last Fall (October 20th to be exact) with the new track pants I’d snagged from Anthropologie. I was drawn to their side stripe, the comfy silk material and their lose (but not sloppy) fit. And apparently, I liked them so much, I waited five months to share them with you!  My apologies. In fact, I completely forgot these photos were in my camera until I saw track pants popping up everywhere for Spring.  They’re a fun alternative to jeans – plus – without a zipper or a hint of lycra in sight – they’re way more comfy. I wore mine casual with a hooded sweatshirt for these photos, but I’ve since worn them with heels, an un-tucked button down and a blazer.


My exact pants last seen here // Sweatshirt // Tee


Get the look, no matter your budget:

$         //          $$          //         $$$      //          $$$$

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Cheap or Chanel?


Shop my jacket HERE.

Coming from a family of casual gamblers and odds makers, we are a big fan of the over/ under bet. No occasion is too mundane to propose a little wager… What time will we arrive at our destination? How many watermelons will we buy this summer? How late will my brother be for Thanksgiving Dinner? How many pieces of pumpkin pie will my husband eat?  You get the idea … So, welcoming you into our little club, here’s my question:  I’m setting the over/under on the cost of this jacket at $50. What side are you going to take?

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Falling for fair isle


Shop my sweater here.

What are your thoughts on fair isle? Yay or nay? I used to think it was best left for apres skiing in St. Moritz or for the pages of an L.L. Bean catalog, but lately I’ve been swayed by the cool colors and retro vibe of the fair isle options out there. Pair it with jeans or up the cool factor and wear with a leather skirt, tweed pants or leopard loafers to give your preppy sweater an updated, edgier look.

My turtleneck version is on sale and fits true to size. Although it is really warm — best not worn indoors … it’s better suited for galavanting thru a prairie while exploring an old white-washed barn … or, well … to apres ski in St. Moritz.


Hat  //  Sweater  //  Shirt  // Similar Jeans //  Boots


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Viewer Beware


My friends have been known to (affectionately?) refer to my style as “Dropped on her head when she was a baby.” Aaaaaand I’m pretty sure this is what they’re referring to. It’s admittedly not for everyone. Exhibit A: Seeking approval from my photog the day I shot this look, I asked what she thought of my outfit. Her only response: “I like it, just maybe not all together.”

However, one of my philosophies with this blog has been to be less boring. Why take a picture of basic outfit? Yes, I could photograph a black sweater and jeans. Yes, that’s what I wear most days. BUT, that sort of outfit doesn’t really elicit exciting conversation, nor does it make for a fun photograph. So take this outfit as you will, wear all at once or wear separately. Or, I guess don’t wear it at all,  but keep reading because you think of this blog as the fashion equivalent of road kill … even though it’s bad, you just can’t look away.


Shirt is Milly and v. old but similar HERE // Skirt similar  HERE and HERE and HERE // Bag comes in a few colors, it’s HERE and HERE and HERE (all on sale!) // Shoes last seen here

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Have $22 to Spare?

There is so much guilt hanging in my closet, in the form of expensive tops I’ve bought but only worn once.  Why I buy them in the first place, I really don’t know… but that’s a topic for another, much longer, soul-searching sorta blog. In the mean time, I’m here with this guilt-free $21 (!!!) , striped, peplum top for your wearing pleasure. Try it with jeans or a pencil skirt and you’ve got an outfit casual to fancy.  As with all of these fast fashion sites, I sized up and am wearing a medium. Shop my top HERE.


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