A perfect pair

I’m a big fan of this spring trend– off the shoulder top and statement earring.  I’ve seen these tops paired with big necklaces too, but I prefer a great earring to keep the neckline simple and sophisticated. Here’s an outfit I wore last week in Florida and some other off- the-shoulder/statement earring combos that work. Have a good weekend, everyone!


Shirt // Earrings

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my new jam(berry)

I have to preface this post with the disclaimer that I am not a manicure gal. I want to be, but my life kind of gets in the way. I have 3 kids, wash dishes, fold laundry, work in my yard…all things that fundamentally work against the life of a manicure. So when I heard about Jamberry Nail wraps, I was rightfully reluctant.  But they’re patterned. And you know I have trouble staying anyway from anything meeting that description…so I tried.


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Art in Bloom

Spring is in the air at the St. Louis Art Museum until Sunday, March 13th.  It’s Art In Bloom, an annual collection of 35 floral arrangements done by area florists and garden clubs that mimic the works in the gallery. The 35 pieces are scattered about the museum, depicting everything from vases to rugs to furniture to classic paintings. Seeing how florists choose to interpret the work is fascinating. Some literal (see photo of Enforcer by Alice Gibson below), some not so much (a floral depiction of George Washington by Rembrandt Peale was a stretch to say the least).

How does the art/floral paring come to be? Well, the museum determines which pieces they want in the show. Then in January, the florists meet and draw their assigned artwork out of a hat. The only stipulation is that you can’t use big vases filled with water or include food in your arrangement – basically anything that might harm the art if spilled. Otherwise, everything else is free game.


Charing Cross Bridge by Claude Monet, Flowers by Melinda Roeleveld

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Sorry to barge in unannounced

I know we’re usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday friends, but the Shopbop sale was looking too good not to share. No time to browse? Well, here are some ideas.  I especially love that mint colored Michael Kors watch and what about those earrings? They’re like the updated version of your gold hoops (and under $50).  I also like the idea of a white suitcase for a change…no more confusion in the sea of black bags at baggage claim. I know some of these aren’t the cheapest options, but you have to spend $250 to take advantage of the sale. (It goes like this: Save 15% on purchase of $250+, 20% on purchases of $500+ and 25% off if you spend $1,000+.) So budget friendly picks will come next week!

Final Shopbop

Clockwise from top left:

Earrings // Purse // Dress // Tee // Suitcase // Ruffle Dress // Swimsuit // Shoes // Watch // Jeans // Clutch // Sandals

The sale ends tonight so time to think. And hey, you can always return it.

Scan 1

Framing Decoded

In the last month, I’ve had a lot of redecorating going on. My husband moved offices and my son moved into a big boy bed. Both required a move, painting and new furniture. Along with, came new art. I am a big proponent of the adage that art makes a room. It can hide imperfections in furniture, decor and lighting, just by drawing your eye away from the bad and to the good. Art gives your room a personality- and is a reflection of your own.


Pieces framed with the Ikea/Michaels option described below.

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Ten years ago at my wedding, we served “gelee” shots. A refined gals Jello shot, if you will. Gin, tonic and gelatin, the recipe was hot off the press at Bon Appetite when my mom read about them and convinced our caterer to try to recreate them en mass.  Sliced in a square and served on a lime, they were passed like an appetizer on a tray and a hit with our guests. Since then, jello/gelee shots have kind of been my thing…below are a few of my favorite recipes. But don’t serve these in a plastic cup- to up your jello shot game, invest in a small round cookie cutter and add a garnish.

(You can technically add gelatin to any of your favorite cocktails, so get a little creative. A tequila sunrise – one layer tequila and orange juice another layer grenadine. Or my winter favorite- a manhattan with a cherry suspended in it. Whatever you create, just use the rule of thumb that for every 1/4 ounce gelatin packet you use, you can add approx. 8 ounces of liquid.)

Cosmopolitan Jello Shots:
1 box cranberry jello
1/2 cup vodka
1/2 cup cointreau or triple sec
splash of lime juice

Dissolve Jello in 1 cup boiling water. Remove from heat and add vodka, liquor and juice. Stir and pour into a 9×9 pan. Chill 3-4 hours or until set.  Cut into squares and sprinkle with lemon zest.

Jello 1

Image Courtesy http://www.tablespoon.com

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Haute Hip Hop

Hip hop’s influence in fashion is top of mind lately.  I mean, you can’t even walk down the street without hearing Yeezy-this or did-you-see-my-new Yeezy that. But the idea of hip hop influencing fashion is nothing new. Maybe not as mainstream as Kanye’s Yeezy, but hip hop has been influencing fashion since its roots in the 70’s in the South Bronx. The Central West End gallery, Projects + Gallery would agree. Their latest show, called Haute Hip Hop, traces hip hop’s influence through the decades. To quote the gallery, “This exhibit examines the progress of hip hop style and influence, rooted in its music, art and attitude…”



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A Miami Must-See

This is the first time I’ve written since the new year so a very happy 2016 to you all! My fingers are a little cold, as it’s freezing in St. Louis, but hoping they’ll warm up with the subject matter at hand.

We were in Miami for the holidays visiting family and explored the coolest area… the Wynwood Art District, just north of downtown Miami and a stones throw from the much-hyped Design District. It’s park meets art gallery meets town square, the center of which are the Wynwood Walls- huge walls painted in colorful, crazy ways that surround a faux grass green. There’s a cafe in the center, The Wynwood Kitchen and Bar and a ton of people taking in the sights. The walls were erected in 2009, in a then-downtrodden warehouse district of Miami, where many artists had studios because rents were cheap. Graffiti littered the buildings, many were vacant…not a place you’d want to be found alone at night. You get the idea.

Wynwood 1

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Art and/as activism

If you’re local, perhaps you’ve seen some of these images on buildings around town. I found out about them the same way I find out about everything else lately: Instagram. Done by the director and co-founder of Chalk Riot, Chelsea Ritter-Soronen, the murals were created to raise awareness for the Syrian refugee crisis. She has secured 12 locations around St. Louis on which to put her wheatpaste images. Wheatpastes are made out of a glue consisting of flour and water, with an end result kind of resembling thick butcher paper. Unlike graffiti, they are not permanent, but expected to last 5-10 months depending on the weather.


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One top, 3 ways

I saw a gold sequin tank in the Nordstrom Holiday catalog this year and was inspired to reinvent the one I had hanging in my closet, at least 10 years old and from J. Crew (clearly I didn’t head my own advice and Kondo it). But glad I didn’t, because I’ve worn it a bunch this Fall/Winter. Below are pictures of the tank styled 3 different ways. Once for a night on the town, once to a wedding and once, well, to take some cute pictures for my blog. If you like what you see, some similar options are below. Could make a perfect New Year’s Eve outfit…


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