Paint for Peace


Whether you are from St. Louis or not, you’re probably aware of the shooting of Michael Brown- an unarmed black male in August 2014, in the Ferguson suburb of St. Louis. What ensued were weeks of rioting, protests and social unrest in Ferguson and nationwide. Regardless of your feelings about the situation itself, we can all probably agree that the looting and vandalism that plagued Ferguson after the incident were unfortunate and hurtful to the community. Businesses were ruined and parts of Ferguson  were left in shambles.


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cakes by the ocean

Have you guys ever made mug cakes? Sorry if I’m late to this party, but I was recently enlightened and thought you might be curious too, especially if you have kids.  Mug cakes are essentially a mini cake, that you make in a mug, then microwave. The whole thing saves you lots of messy clean up, is easier than a traditional cake, and my kids love, LOVE making them. The only thing you sacrifice is taste (I realize this is a minor problem).  Technically, it’s not so much taste that you’re sacrificing as it is texture. I can never manage to get the cooking time right for our microwave, so my mug cakes always ended up dry. But I think with some experimenting you could master the baking time. It’s a game of seconds…literally.

Despite the subpar texture,  I’ve made these things again and again. Most recently,  we tried the Melt-in-the-Middle variety for dessert in Florida, hence, cakes by the ocean. Below is the recipe we tried, and here is the cookbook we own that has a ton of other recipes in it. I think it would make a great kids birthday present…a few fun mugs and the Mug Cake cookbook, am I right?


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