My LBD soulmate

If you’re looking for a mini skirt to wear to your holiday party, you’re barking up the wrong blog. I’m a midi girl tried and true, thanks to legs that resemble tree trunks (pretty sure I have my dad to thank for that) and some very unsightly vericose veins (…and I know I have my kids to thank for those). With that in mind,  here’s a perfect LBD… for me! The length covers my legs perfectly and hugs my midsection, which is the best thing I have goin’ at the moment.

I’ve also been into pairing this green faux leather moto jacket that you’ve seen a zillion times with dressier outfits. It’s edgy and a little sassy. Perfect if you’re headed somewhere hip this holiday season. And if your party is more conservative?…well,  velvet and pearls for you!



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