Does your watch tell more than time?


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I always love learning about new, local products that I can share with you all. Connecting with these local makers is by far my favorite thing about this blog. The latest company I’m adding to the list is St. Louis-based JORD Watches. JORD, Sweedish for “earth or soil,” specializes in making unique watches out of natural materials, primarily wood.  Zebra wood, Sandalwood, Koa and Bamboo are just a few of the types used in their watches. And as such, each watch takes on its own hue and feel, based on the type of wood used in its production.

Evidence of the company’s St. Louis roots are found in the name of their timepieces, every one being named after a street or area in St. Louis- Fieldcrest and Delmar are just two such names. I choose their Ebony and Gold Frankie series (see it here). It’s chunky and bold and the perfect compliment to my Fall wardrobe. The watch is much lighter than others I’ve worn, presumably because of the material, but still feels sturdy on my wrist.

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