In the studio with Zack Smithey

To refer to St. Louis artist Zack Smithey as a Renaissance Man would be an understatement. He started painting under his grandmother’s guise as a child, played the viola for a decade, has painted sets at the Muny, taught high school art, owns a restaurant with his wife, is the general contractor on his new “shipping container” home and, well, is a full time artist. I was introduced to his work while wandering thru Kit + Ace last month and fell in love with his over-sized, bold-colored swirls of paint, which Smithey refers to as his Vibrations series.  Then I ran into Smithey again at Wall Ball, where I got to see first hand the technique he uses to create the Vibrations pieces (for the record, it’s enamel paint drizzled, dripped, swirled or pooled on masonite). After that, I was hooked. So I made a visit to his studio last week to see where the magic happens.

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